Best Wireless Earbuds 2020

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Tested for 2020.  We Found the Top Picks


Obsidian Sounds Pro

5/5 Stars

Wireless Charging  + 32 Feet of Bluetooth Range!

5 Hours Listening on a Single Charge (same as Apple!)

Touch Controls + Noise Cancelation

Best "Bang For Your Buck" On the Market in 2020

Free Shipping on ALL ORDERS

Excellent 9.8

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QuietComfort Noise Canceling

4/5 Stars

11 Levels of Noise Cancellation

$300 For a Pair

Great Performance for a Price.

Excellent 9.1

What are Wireless Earbuds?

Even a few years ago wireless earbuds were relatively unpopular. People preferred the ease of using corded simple headphones. Apple seemingly created this market overnight with the launch of the wildly successful Airpods. Many consumers however balk at the steep price of apple airpods or are looking for another style of headphone

The most popular style simply sits in your ear. This is what most people think of for wireless earbuds. However, there are a variety of options. You can get a classic headphones style (over ear) with built in microphone, bluetooth headphones that have a cord between them that sits behind your neck, or the new style earbuds where each sits in one ear.

What Style Are There?

This depends on the shape of your ears and personal preferences. For moving around at high speeds (jumping, running etc) we recommend earbuds that sit in or clip to the back of your ear. This should help them stay in place. Some users prefer the corded behind the neck style however as you cannot drop an earbud on the ground this way.

Which is Best for Working Out?


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Shure BT2

4/5 Stars

4 HD Drivers for Superior Quality

Made for Audiophiles 

If Budget is no Object, these are the Best

Uses cords between Ear Buds, but otherwise bluetooth

Good 8.9