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A clear, wrinkle-free complexion is the staple of any Hollywood A-lister. Whether they’re a chart-topping performer or box office starlet, having glowing, youthful skin is a sign of good health, success, and vitality.

If you’re wondering what tools your favorite singer or movie star uses to help keep their complexion flawless, ponder no more!

Let’s be honest! It takes a little work to look your youthful best!

You may be shocked to learn:

You see, the secret to perfect Hollywood skin is your pillowcase!

Yes, pillowcases can have a positive effect on both your skin and hair. However, if you end up buying the wrong one, there’s a strong chance you’re wasting your money on poor results.

We’ve performed months of thorough research to showcase the very best pillowcases on the market. We’ll tell you what you should look for, and what to avoid, when selecting a pillowcase. We’ll also reveal the best type of pillowcase to buy to aid clearer, fresher skin.

How Does Your Sleeping Position Affect Your Skin??

The way in which you sleep can have a negative effect on your skin. Your complexion needs to breathe, which is why many people suffer from bad skin and premature aging.

As we grow older, the skin naturally becomes lined and wrinkled as collagen and elastin production decreases. But, sleeping on your side or on your face can speed up these visible changes.

When you sleep on your side or on your face, you’ll likely discover:

Repeated pressure against collagen,

Lines and wrinkles from consistent face creases

Lack of circulation, resulting in puffy eyes

Obstruction to follicles, causing clogged pores and acne

If you’re suffering from sleep wrinkles or bad skin because of your sleeping position, you’re not alone! Many people choose to use products to help their skin recover.

Visiting a Dermatologist is Costly!

Taking a trip to a dermatologist is highly expensive, not to mention detrimental to your busy schedule. Then there’s the added cost of professional skincare too!

Thankfully, there are many at home solutions providing affordable, but highly effective results.

Why Does Your Pillowcase Matter?

Your pillowcase may just seem like a useless artifact to cover your pillow, but it could be having a negative effect on your skin.

From the outside, your pillowcase may seem clean and comfortable, but look a little more closely and you’ll find it’s a haven of dirt, bacteria, and oil, transferred from your face to your pillow.

They’re super absorbent

They aid tugging of the skin which promotes sleep wrinkles

They can aid allergies

The Problem with Cotton Pillowcases:

So, what’s the best type of pillowcase for your skin?

Silk Pillowcases – The Ultimate Pillowcase for Good Skin

Silk pillowcases really work to give you better skin (and hair!)

Here’s why: Silk pillowcases are far less absorbent than cotton, preventing natural oils, dirt, and bacteria being transferred from and back onto your skin. That means there’s less chance of acne breakouts. Silk also contains amino acids which are absorbed by the skin, helping to retain moisture. Alongside less rubbing and tugging, the result is a clearer, more youthful complexion!

5 Secrets of Silk Pillowcases:


Silk pillowcases help your skin to retain moisture and prevent sleep wrinkles, so your complexion appears healthy and more youthful.


They’re less absorbent of dirt and oil, meaning they’re cleaner so there’s less chance of breakouts.


Unlike expensive professional dermatology treatments, silk pillowcases are less costly, and more cost-effective in the long run.


They’re great for allergy sufferers as silk possesses a natural resistance to dust and mite.


This effective method is also great for your hair as you’re less likely to suffer from frizzy hair or hair tangles in your sleep.

How to Pick The Perfect Silk Pillowcase:

What to Search for and Which Ones to Avoid

For beautiful skin, there are specific aspects you should search for when buying a silk pillowcase:

High quality - a Momme weight of 16 to 22 (or over) is considered extremely high quality in terms of silk. It should also be genuine silk and not a silk effect.

Fits varying pillow sizes – a silk pillowcase should be able to fit different sizes of pillows

Positive reviews always conduct your own research before purchasing to determine how happy previous customers are.

Money back guarantee– if you’re unhappy with your product, you receive your money back no questions asked.

What to avoid:

Amazon reviews – did you know that some people are paid to leave good product reviews on Amazon? That’s why some pillowcases can have excellent reviews but are terrible quality when they arrive

Unclear quality – the pillowcase should state what weight of silk is used. This is found as momme weight.

Our Research

We have performed extensive research, including the vast testing of products and consulting dermatologists, to find the top 5 silk pillowcases on the market.

Our top 5 choices are based on high quality, affordability, variety in sizing, care instructions, and positive feedback.

Top 5 Silk Pillowcases of 2021: 

Updated for 2021

Advertising Partner

Blissy Pillowcases

Our Rating

Blissy Pillowcases are our #1 Pick for 2021's Best Silk Pillowcases.  We found hundreds of consumer reviews that raved about their high quality silk that felt great AND helped with skin and hair while getting a great nights sleep. 

You can easily find pictures all over social media of influencers and celebs using Blissy's comfortable silk pillowcases.


High quality 22 Momme, 100% Pure Mulberry Silk

Naturally hypoallergenic

Our Top Pick for 2021

Countless positive reviews

Comes in standard, queen, and king size

60 day returns

Featured in many well-known magazines


Frequently Sold Out Online

Can Be Difficult to Find In-Store


How It Works

Blissy Pillowcases are all in 22 Momme super high quality silk.  They are Naturally hypoallergenic and come in all size pillowcases. With over a half dozen different colors and designs, its easy to find one that matches your style.   Blissy offer 60 Day Returns and Free Shipping on some orders!


Manito Luxury Silk Bedding

Our Rating

Manito is a quality silk bedding & production company run entirely by the Manito family.
Hypoallergenic and soft on your skin (some dermatologists suggest that some of the best silk pillow cases can actually minimize wrinkles!) Manito silk pillowcases are gentle on your hair and face, making Manito's pillow cases a great addition to your beauty sleep.

100% Pure Mulberry Silk

Comes in Queen and King Size



Our Rating

Whisper is a New Zealand based company specializing in silk pillocases, silk eye masks and silk hair scrunchies. Whisper pillowcases are completely organic and hypoallergenic. They use high grade long-fiber organic mulberry silk that fits most Queen / International Standard pillows.

100% Pure Mulberry Silk

Unfortunately for those who have a King size bed - Whisper only caters to the Queens.

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