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Long hair is often said to be the ultimate trait of femininity, attractiveness, and health. Browse any celebrity magazine cover, or across Instagram, and you’ll notice women with glossy, flowing locks that shine. 

If you have been struggling to grow your hair, lack volume, or just simply don’t know how to style it like a professional hair stylist, you have come to the right place!

You may be shocked to learn that the secret to long hair isn’t always having a million dollars in the bank or a stylist on hand at any time of the day.

The trick that many celebrities use to create the look of long, healthy hair quickly & easily is clip in hair extensions .

The beauty market is filled with at home hair extensions, but choosing the wrong type of extensions means you could  wasting your money on poorly made products.

That’s why we’ve did tons of research over months to track down the absolute best clip-in ponytail extensions. We’ll detail what to look for and what to steer clear of when purchasing hair extensions, as well as introducing the best type of clip in hair extension to create the appearance of longer, thicker hair for the perfect ponytail!

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions (in general) are real or synthetic weaves of hair that can enhance length and volume to natural hair. They can be glued, clipped or sewn into the hair.

The main benefits of hair extensions;

Easy, Natural Look

Instant Extra length

Try a New Hairstyle

Boost volume


Change your look for an Event

Experiment with Ponytails

If you have short or thin hair, or simply wish to have a change in hairstyle, you’re not alone! Many people choose to change the appearance of their hair by using natural looking hair extensions.  

Visiting a Professional Hair Stylist can be Costly!

Visit a professional salon to get extensions is not only expensive, but it means you need to schedule time in your busy lifestyle to go!

Luckily, there are numerous at home solutions for clip in extensions that look great at a fraction of the cost!

What Are Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions can be used in the comfort of your own home as you simply clip them to your existing hair.

Clip in Extensions have tons of options but most popular by far is the Clip In Ponytail.  Ponytail extensions come in a whole variety of styles and colors,  letting you try any style you want quickly and easily.  If you’re heading out for the night or to that special event or even just want to try out a new look, there are tons of options for you!

Hair Extensions can be:

Any Length

Synthetic or Natural

Every Possible Color

Styled in a Ton of Ways

There are many clip-in hair ponytail extensions on the market, but most have very mixed reviews when it comes to cost, look and texture of the hair.

They don’t look like real hair.

They don’t clip into natural hair correctly.

They fall apart quickly.

The hair is awful quality & looks cheap

The problem with some clip-in hair extensions

So how can the average person tell what Ponytail Extensions are going to look great, last for many wears & offer great value?

Ponytail Hair Extension – We Tested the Best Brands!

A great ponytail hair extension is super easy to apply & is Made of Top Quality Hair.   We tested all the top brands looking to find ones that were easy to clip in and looked amazing with a variety of hair. 

A ponytail hair extension can be straight, wavy, or curly, and come in different shades, from natural hues to fun pops of color. A ponytail adds length to your natural hair and can be easily clipped over a short ponytail or bun.

5 Secrets of Great Clip In Hair Extensions: 


Ponytail hair extensions should look extremely natural while adding extra length. No-one will know that your hair isn’t real!


You don’t need to apply glue or tape to keep your ponytail secure. Great Extensions should just clip-in  over your naturally short ponytail or bun.


Change your look in seconds!


Stays put all day, so you don’t have to worry about your ponytail falling off or out of place


Unlike expensive professional hair extensions, great ponytail clip-ons are affordable.

How to Pick the Perfect Clip In Ponytail Extension:

Find the Ponytail Extensions that work for YOU

For the ultimate ponytail hair extension,  you need to look for specific features to find the perfect match for you:

Easy to Clip - a ponytail hair extension should be convenient, easy to apply to natural hair, and can be used whenever and wherever. 

Lots of styles – a ponytail hair extension should come in a variety styles or colors that lets you select the perfect ponytail based on their personal hair styles & preferences

Vegan and cruelty free – the extensions shouldn't contain any animal materials or by-products. 

Positive reviews– always do plenty of research before buying any hair extension. 

What to avoid:

Amazon reviews – did you know that some people are paid to leave good product reviews on Amazon? That’s why some ponytail extensions have excellent reviews but are terrible quality when they arrive

Unnatural looking hair – fake looking hair doesn’t blend well,  which can make it obvious that you’re wearing extensions.

Our Research

Our Team tested many of the leading hair extension and clip in ponytail brands on the market for 2020.  We based our reviews on price, ease of shopping, durability, overall look and our brand partnerships.   After extensive research we came up with this list for the top Brands for 2020.

Top 5 Clip In Ponytail Hair Extensions: 

Updated for 2020

Advertising Partner

INH Hair

Our Rating

INH Hair Clip In Ponytails are our #1 Pick for 2020's Best Clip In Pony Tail Hair Extension.  We found hundreds of consumer reviews that raved about how quick and easy INH Hair was to clip in, while adding natural looking, glowing ponytails.   You can easily find on their website pictures of celebrities like Ariana Grande  & Influencers wearing INH Ponytails (and looking amazing with them in!)


Made from top quality synthetic Fibers

TONS of Colors for natural results

Our Top Pick for 2020

Free online color matching service 

Easily clips over Your Hair

Vegan and cruelty free

Worn by Celebrities


Frequently Sold Out Online

Can Be Difficult to Find In-Store


How It Works

INH Hair offers free color matching consulting on their website, to make sure you can find the exact match for your hair no matter what! With over a half dozen different styles of ponytail and TONS of hair colors to pick from,  You will be able to find the right ponytail for you.  All products were created by female founders & are Vegan + Cruelty free.


Ultimate Looks Clip-In Hair Ponytails

Our Rating

Ulimate Looks is probably one of the longest running brands in hair extensions. They offer a couple different styles of clip in ponytails.  Their main focus is on general hair extensions but lots were happy with their ponytails

Consumers online reported great results but Ultimate looks often doesn't ship outside the USA (unless you pay big $$$ on shipping)

Wide range of pony styles 

Extensive shade range, but international shipping Very pricy


Foxy Locks Clip-In Ponytails

Our Rating

Foxylocks is a popular hair extension brand that heavily advertises online and on social media (instagram and more!) Consumers love their overall hair extensions but they are not well known for their clip in ponytails.  Our testers had good things to say about their clip ins however

Variety of natural shades and lengths

Easy to use snag clips. Only Ships to USA

Better Natural Wellness is a for-profit company. Our partners pay to be accredited and we may earn money from them or other companies on our site when you complete a form, make a call, or click on a link.

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